As it is inevitable with all couples who join the ensemble of wizards, they will forego calling eachother by their online usernames as the normal members do, instead preferring to use their real names to show how "in love" they are. Grading as this may be, it has its upsides.

One fateful day, Zoey's constant death rattle of "JOHN!" finally got on Vent's nerves, in which he bellowed out a powerful "JYEEEAAAAAAHHHNNNNN" in an mocking jest. What followed shortly after, however, was a chain reaction by the fellow members of Mumble imitating Vent's impersonation of Zoey. Before the bit ended, Artist quickly ran into the hallway to retrieve his personal jukebox loaded with an extended mix of the Spider Man 2 Pizza Theme.

This ballad sent off a spark in Spy Man and Rage's heads, and one of them immediately began mocking Zoey's italian heritage in the same voice. This behavior quickly spread to the rest of the members, not stopping for several minutes until all was silent. Chowder, chuckling softly, felt no sympathy for his girlfriend who could only respond with an exasperated sigh.

From then on, whenever Zoey calls for her lover, she is quickly joined by many in her cries for "JYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!"