Described as a "budding meme wizard" by Rage and admired by thousands for being the greatest Genji player of his generation, Vent is determined to become the strongest member of FBSO by spending approximately 165 hours in the gym weekly, only stopping to call somebody gay inbetween sets.

The Arrival Edit

The youngest member of FBSO forever due to his involvement with the fountain of eternal youth and an enthusiast of all things mid-2000s and terrible, Vent was brought into the circle after Hol Horse kidnapped him from his magic orphanage in 2014 so he would no longer be the server's resident underage. This did nothing to improve his situation.

Assisting Rage and Chowder in breaking the spell League of Legends had cast over the group of FBSO with his impressive arsenal of thunder magic, Vent was able to come out of hiding and actually interact with the members now that they were done shrieking about Warwick and mid lane. Within time, he earned his place as Chief President of the Kid's Table at the banquet hall.