Also known as The Rise of Maxieman, The Flaming Axes was a band formed when Quartz decided to rock out on his wicked sweet axe and Sho, Orosius, and Shota joined in.

Shortly after, a dashing pyro sporting an equally wicked sweet Axe proclaimed "FUCK YEAH TRIPFAGS" This pyro was none other than MaxieMan

Intrigued, Quartz invited him to join the band, a decision which proved a pivotal point in the band's life. With his new wave rock ideals and overpowering stage presence, MaxieMan finally provided the jolt of life The Flaming Axes needed to get their name out there. The Flaming Axes went on to record 5 albums, all of which but one (entitled "A Crazybus World") went platinum. Having 17 songs hit the #1 spot on Billboard, The Flaming Axes were a rock legend. It is unknown where they are now, as all that was left of them the day they went missing was a lone pyro mask and a note that read "Hopped on the Jolly Time RV, won't be back until 2049." thumb|right|300px|The first live gig of The Flaming Axesthumb|right|300px