Sho Minamimoto

The LegendEdit

Sho is eternal and has existed since before the founding of FBSO. He's had a hand in almost all people joining FBSO, and regrets none of it at all (well, almost none of it). Born during the Age of Rebirth he was born on the simple planet of ##DATA RETRACTED BY ORDO HERETICUS##. He quickly proved himself to the Adeptus Astartes and eventually joined ##DATA RETRACTED BY ORDO HERETICUS##. Sadly he was chosen to scout out a extremely dangerous Xenos base and was transported to another dimension where the Imperium is still not existant yet.

The Formation of FBSOEdit

Upon entering this new realm of existance he learned of others which followed the Imperial Creed and thus learned that he must form the beginnings of the Imperial Creed before the Ruinous Powers form to thwart him and his new founded allies.