The Flaming Axes Saga (Rise of MaxieMan)Edit

  • Origin story of MaxieMan
  • The greatest Team Fortress 2 band ever.

The Ziggy SagaEdit

  • Origin story of Ziggy
  • The most wanted fightstick on Earth
  • The most beta boyfriend in history

The FBSO Radio SagaEdit

  • Our venture into the world of internet broadcasting

The Fallout Online 2238 Saga Edit

  • Adventures in the wasteland
  • Screwing with Ruskies
  • The eventual destruction of the bros by Zhaakuvan

FBSO Vidya StreamEdit

The Case of Ultradavid v Sho MinamimotoEdit

  • MaxieMan's defeat at the hands of Sho
  • The bargain struck with Ultradavid himself

The Road To EVO 2012Edit

The Broad TripEdit

  • FBSO's yet-to-be-experienced Excellent Adventure.

EVO 2012 Edit

The Great FOE Incident Edit

The Era of Peace Edit