The original founder of FBSO, Quartz is one of the Holy Trinity still residing on vent. Discovered February 2009 in a K.K. Radio chat on Steam by Sho, Quartz instantly challenged Sho to Jojo's and decimated him, thus earning his place on vent and the respect of his peers.

Dealie mcwithit

Quartz's ExploitsEdit

  • Brought the unenlightened masses the glory of The Graveyard.
  • Got Chowder laid in Dark Heresy
  • Saw a guy in a Steam begging thread writing a sob story about how his dog died, promised to buy him MW2, and then instead gifted him Petz Dogz 2.
  • Whips his dick out. Alot.
  • Getting shitfaced often.

Quartz's History with other membersEdit

  • Sho - Originally met in a game of Defcon, is basically Sho's superior white brother.
  • Chowder - Not shit worth mentioning,
  • MaxieMan - Italian brother who runs a pizzaria which sells canolis exclusively.
  • Hol Horse - Hol Horse has seen more pictures of Quartz's dick than any other listed FBSO member, spare a few.
  • Ooooooops - Apparently brothers, as Quartz has known him for years upon years and only recently came to that realization
  • Spy Man - Spy Man's mom is a whore.
  • Artist - Punching bag. Once made him really butthurt for calling him out on e-stalking Shota.
  • Rage - Quartz and Rage share a mutual liking of showing off their junk.
  • Jin - Invalid, Jin is not a member of FBSO except the third Tuesday of every five months.
  • Pirate - Both Pirate and Quartz hand out gifts like candy.
  • Riley - Butthurt him by making too many bad teeth jokes
  • Shota - Had a short relationship with her, then she left.
  • Panini - Plays Left 4 Dead 2 with her once every 6 weeks