His Online Form


Known by many names far and wide to the many denizens of the world. He goes under other aliases such as Blarghity, Siren, or even the mysterious Herghlblarghl. Playing almost every video game out there from Arcanum to Zork, he is well versed in many video games. He is also well versed in many Role Playing Games such as Dungeons and Dragons (any edition), Shadowrun, Dark Heresy, Don't Rest Your Head, Paranoia, Traveller, Diaspora, Spirit of the Century, Call of Cthulhu, and Cthulhu Tech. His favorite genre of imagination and general awesomness is Grimdark Cyberpunk. His favorite video game being Deus Ex.

FBSO Recruitment

Becoming friends with Chowder in late 2008 by gifting him I-Fluid, he became fast friends with the lovable doughface. Sadly, after a while Chowder lost interest in Ooooooops, and stopped talking to him. Two years later he was then confronted by Chowder about his hobbies and then learned that he was the concentrated form of everything that everyone liked. Thus he was quickly accepted by his peers as a member.

Current Affairs in FBSO

He currently runs a Dark Heresy campaign with FBSO whenever the fuck he wants to and frequently plays video games with them online. He hopes to in the future play Rogue Trader and Deathwatch as well. Online he plays Killing Floor, Dawn of War II, Grand Theft Auto IV, and occasionally Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Real Life

A student of twenty-one years old which lives in Florida. Going to school for a degree in Biotechnology. Eventually he wants to become the next Albert Wesker but in a good way. Seriously.