Nippon Hour: The BeginningEdit

Nippon Hour was a very clever plan by Sho to bore Hanekoma of micspam by allowing him to do it nonstop for an hour. Unfortunately, as well conceived a plan as it was, he underestimated Quartz's Nippon level, as Quartz immediately siezed control of the hour. Upon his rise to power over the most sacred 60 minutes in any given day, Quartz immediately began spamming any and all animu songs he could find.

The Importance of the NipponEdit

The Nippon Hour marked a pivotal event, as it attracted the repeat business of Shota and also kept Quartz from getting completely bored. Also Sho got to listen to Abenobashi and Smile Bomb every day. Vidyaman gained nothing because he is incapable of emotion. Hanekoma was never around for it.

The Stages of Nippon HourEdit

  1. Quartz mutes vent and as soon as the hour turns over begins spamming Nippon music, regardless of what events are going on or who is talking
  2. Quartz continues to spam nippon
  3. Sho requests to spam for a bit, plays Ghost in the Shell music EVERY TIME
  4. Shota sits around doing nothing
  5. Quartz plays MANLY AMERICAN MUSIC at the end to decontaminate everyone of Nippon.

Nippon Hour Traditional SongsEdit

  1. Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan OP
  2. Kyoran Kazoku Nikki OP
  3. Kyoran Kazoku Nikki ED
  4. Very Melon
  5. Abenobashi OP
  6. Smile Bomb
  7. Nyan Nyan
  8. Miko Miko Nurse
  9. Popipo
  10. Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne
  11. Hanamaru Sensation