Pictured: what Zoey wishes she could be. In everything.

Lucielore was formerly known across the seven layers of hell as the baroness of meat and underworld champion of plane noise imitations before she was summoned to FBSO by the aspiring wizard Chowder in order to stop his self destructive cycle of constantly amassing ex-girlfriends and straining his wizard powers in the process.

Fortunately for him, it all worked out. Lucielore, now known as the much more mundane "Zoey", resides along the other members of FBSO though she is rarely unaccompanied by her wizard boyfriend. Despite his powerful enchantments, Zoey still attempts to touch Chowder's butt to steal his mana, commonly resulting in her getting hit by a brick following a horrifying pig-like screech from the startled wizard.

Also she has nice boobs and ass :thicker: