The acting was the real monster of this film

What could possibly be the finest example of Stephen King's trolling captured on film.

On one fateful day MaxieMan, Hol Horse and Doctor Girlfriend had decided to kill some time by watching a movie in the Gmod Theatre. Their movie of choice? The Langoliers, a movie split into multiple parts to be played as a miniseries on the SyFy network. After queueing up the first few parts the group quickly realized this movie would be slow-goings for a while, but they resolved to hang in there in hopes of an increase in quality somewhere down the line.

The first hour passed and the movie had not gotten any better. The bad acting was dragged out over incredibly long winded speeches and standing in the same spot for up to 30 minutes at a time. The second hour was arguably worse than the first, with constant backtracking over topics and a certain professor demonstrating the remarkable ability to ramble on and on without saying anything at all.

By the third hour, the group cried out for release. They simply could not believe that this movie had gone on for so long without furthering the plot more than an inch. MaxieMan began looking through the links to see how long they had left. Mistakenly, he thought there were only 13 parts to this movie and told the group to steel themselves a little longer. The 13th part came and went after Maxie realized his mistake, apparently there were now 16 parts to this movie.

When the group saw that the movie went beyond 16 parts, screams of horror filled the theatre. MaxieMan began flipping through webpages hurredly in an attempt to discover how long this movie went on for. His heart sunk when he read the chapter names. The movie had more than 24 parts to it.

For fear of his own sanity, Maxie immediately queued up the last part and abruptly finished the movie with little care over the events he had skipped. With the Langoliers finally finished, everyone immediately dispersed and vowed never to talk about what they had seen in that theatre again.