The Original - ChowderEdit

Chowder also known as Chowdurr also known as Roast Beefy Weefs was a twenty year old sentient organic being, believed to have been made up of

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The original Chowder found in his natural habitat.

one part human and one part dryers prepackaged bake n' serve cookie dough. Though around since the very founding of ventrilo, before FBSO, the fleshbag often times found himself playing the vidya, and for the most part, accomplishing absolutely nothing worth noting what-so-ever. Talents included, but were not limited to;

  • The ability to have his pupils face in entirely opposite directions.
  • Looking incredibly pretty in a tiara.
  • Grabbing points.
  • Taking Dawn of War 2 too seriously.
  • Sleeping for extended periods of time.

Chowder's spirit animal. Take note the same piercing blue eyes, rotundness of face, and the way that its eyes are in two different directions.

The Rebirthing - Chowder 2.0Edit

After moving to Oregon Chowdurr decided to say "Fuck everything." After picking up online college, advancing his


The new, improved Chowder 2.0, supporting evidence is the fact he's wearing a sweet-ass baker-boy hat.

relationship with Panini, and further tying in his vent-based friendships his life improved in every single way fathomable. Except sexually. Still not having any bit. His activities now include much more active, productive aspects such as;

  • Progressing towards an associates degree in computer applications.
  • Spending quality time with his family and girlfriend.
  • Playing Anno 2070, Civilization V, Skyrim and League of Legends.
  • Praising the art of artillery warfare.
  • Furiously masturbating.
  • Playing with his cats.
  • Begging Ooooooops to play a 40K RPG.
  • Not having sexual intercourse.
  • Having a diet consisting entirely of chilli, cheeseburgers, iced coffe, and cherry cola.
  • Botting Runescape.
  • Still not having sexual intercourse.
  • Watching reruns of Arrested Development in hopes that the new season will arrive sooner.
  • Complaining about the writing in the popular TV series The Walking Dead.
  • Still not having sexual intercourse.
  • Wearing a blazer with jeans.
  • Anal felching with Hol Horse.
  • Giving praise to ##DATA REDACTED##

The Discord Years - Chowder 3.0 Edit

Nokia 6110-smaller

He sells these. A lot of them, too.

"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" - Chowder, responding to quite literally anything