The Physical Embodiment of Redundancy

An integral part of Spy Man's vent identity after a heated debate with MaxieMan on the redundancy of the term.

Back when Spy Man had a microphone, he would regularly come to ventrilo and proudly proclaim the foods he was currently eating. One day however, when he arrive on the scene and told everyone about his current meal of Chili Burritos, an unexpected response of "Uhh... Isn't that kind of redundant?" from MaxieMan flung the entire channel into a deep philosophical hell.

Maxie's argument was that the ingredients of Chili were near identical to the filling used for burritos, so practically ALL of them were chili burritos. Spy Man rejected this sentiment, stating that the presence of chili peppers was the reason for the distinction.

The argument went on for hours and was never fully resolved. To this day Chili Burritos are mentioned around Spy Man whenever he is found on vent.