MaxieMan's before and after shot

A ventrilo tradition where a member will get a haircut before breaking up with their current girlfriend.

Before MaxieMan arrived on ventrilo, he had been romantically linked with a girl from Colorado Springs, Colorado named Tasha Elliot. His hair reached down to his shoulders during this time, and Tasha warned him that if he ever cut his hair their relationship would be over.

After three years of dating, MaxieMan had begun to dislike things like roleplaying and online timekillers like neopets that he had spent most of his time on as a kid. Tasha however, continued to be a serious roleplayer and spent much of her time drawing furry art. When MaxieMan felt he could no longer sustain the relationship, he had his hair cut as short as it could be while still being able to spike it upward. He then sent a picture of his newly groomed head to Tasha as his way of breaking it off.

Now, anyone mentioning that they are leaving their girlfriend will get promptly asked if they got a haircut during the breakup.