Throughout late 2011, Ooooooops decided to run a game of Black Crusade for three ventrilo members - Hol Horse, Chowder and Doctor Girlfriend.

What originally started as a wonderful delve into an ocean of heresy and chaos was quickly turned into a spawning pool of butthurt, mainly due to Doctor Girlfriend's ego complex, constant cheating, rule bending, purposly shitting on other characters, and general 'That Guy' playstyle.

The SetupEdit

Several years after the original setting of Dark Heresy. Rather than serving the corpse-emperor, the players decided to revel in the glory of the chaos gods for a change. This development turned away several potential players, such as Vidyaman or Sho (But those guys are fags like who even cares).

The CharactersEdit

Aurelius Constantine: A primarily Tzeentchish Heretek making use of heavy weapons and artillery. Untrustworthy, and filled to the brim with unbridled avarice. Served time in the Adeptus Mechanicus and Skiitari as a soldier before discovering plots to have him Servitorized. Played by Chowder.

Moryl Nydus: A devout Nurglite and apostate of His will. Moryl is a middle-aged woman who carries a Scythe, though she rarely used it, prefering the diplomatic or stealth routes to solve her problems. An advanced biochemist, scholar, and preacher. Due to spending over half of her life locked away in a library to study, she grew to be socially inept - often acting childish when things didn't go her way. Characterized by an iconic medival plague doctors mask and tattered green dress. Played by Hol Horse.

Venris Zarkohv: An Ex-Arbitrator, Venris fell to the will of Khorne after using a powersword cursed with the soul of a Bloodthirster. He quickly turned Renegade post events of Dark Heresy, and, for the most part, his only goal was to kill everything everywhere for no real reason. Played by Doctor Girlfriend.